RHINO is a manually activated magnetic lifting device used on FEDA hybrid Manhole cover lifters. It does not require any power supply or maintenance and it ensures constant performance, rapid interventions and absolute reliability over time. It uses energy from the neodymium and is activated simply by means of the special lever that reverses the polarity and attracts only the manhole to be lifted with its magnetic flux. During the magnetic gripping, the lever is firmly locked by a safety device that prevents any possible accidental deactivation. It is possible to check the activation status, allowing users to conserve their capacities for a long period and guaranteeing the absence of dispersions and the possibility of handling them without any risk. This tool is different from traditional magnets or magnetic compositions, which more quickly exhaust their strength and, being devoid of a deactivation command, can cause serious damage during manoeuvres. The Rhino Slim and Rhino Ultra 300 models are equipped with an attachment for the Magnetic series manhole cover lifter dollies.


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