Cargo is the solution proposed by FEDA to open and move large, heavy-duty manhole covers. In addition to the possibility of adjusting the distance between the wheels, the dolly can be equipped with a maximum of three magnets to increase its capacity. During lifting, the operator maintains an upright posture, performing a downward thrusting manoeuvre. Opens all types of recessed manhole covers in cast iron and non-magnetic material of any shape and size up to 120 cm. Available in three versions: Magnetic, Mechanic and Hybrid. The Mechanic and Hybrid versions include a Hook system, which makes it possible to open even non-magnetic material covers and above all to unblock covers in the presence of encrustations. The removable wheels and the galvanised steel structure with folding, adjustable handle make this version versatile and compact.

Cargo Aprichiusini

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