Uni Compact are mechanical manhole cover lifter dollies for all medium and large recessed manhole covers that have at least one attachment point. The standard equipment makes them universal and complete products, as they also integrate the function of unblocking encrusted manhole covers. The numbers that follow UNI COMPACT: -80, -100 and -120 indicate the maximum width or diameter in centimetres of the manhole covers that they can move. The +R (Reinforced) versions have increased load capacity, while the +P versions can also open manhole covers with retractable “T” hooks. Customised versions are available upon customer request, for example for covers with a width of more than 120 cm or double-handle dollies. The set of 12 keys supplied is completed by the following accessories: key, scraper, floor-protection plates, groove-cleaning tool, steel bar, key-holder spring.


Download (200.14k)

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